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Aromatherapy can heal the body and the soul. Whether you are a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, or simply want to enhance the ambience of your home with a room diffusor, we promise you'll love our specialty blends that promote peace, relaxation, and concentration.

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About Us

Gypsy Moon Essential Oils is headquartered in California but serves clients nationwide. Specializing in essential oils that promote mental, physical, and spiritual healing, we sell our products at festivals and other functions in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Gypsy Moon Essential Oils was created approximately two years ago when  I noticed the need for holistic alternative methods for individuals (both children and adults) who have been experiencing symptoms in relation to life stressors. The demand for essential oils became apparent when I began to noticed that more clientele were requesting the use of alternative forms of healing practices. Perhaps I should give you some back ground information about what we do.  I have a Masters Degree in  Marriage and family therapy  and am involved in working with culturally diverse populations that range from young children to older adults. Collectively, I  have been involved in the behavioral health field for approximately 10 years.  Due to the needs of my clients I started to incorporate and communicate the possible benefits of essential oils within our field.

Throughout my work experience, I have found that essential oils can be beneficial in assisting patients to relieve various symptoms, without the use of medications (although I do not discourage the advice of a physician and encourage all our patients to consult with their physicians before implementing any new practices).  For instance, many parents have expressed reservations and hesitation to having their children being prescribed medications and have frequently requested that alternative forms of healing practices be implemented prior to resorting to a medication evaluation.  (Similar to my philosophy) Therefore, in practice I have recommended some essential oils that we blend ourselves that aids adults and children to cope with symptoms of anxiety, nightmares, PTSD, depression, mood swings, ADHD, trauma and many others.

Genevieve, our founder and owner, has more than five years of experience working with essential oils and researches oil blends extensively to find the best possible products for our customers. She has a masters degree in marriage and family therapist who is active in the medical community.  A parent or child does not need to attend therapy for the oils to have benefit.  This is a stand alone alternative that can assist in relieving the symptoms named above.  I have found that I have seen positive feedback and a greater request for the Gypsy Moon essential oil products.  For example, the product named Spray the Monsters Away, targets children who experience fears and anxieties after experiencing nightmares.  This is a topical solution  that can be sprayed in any area that provokes fear of monsters (under the bed, in the closets etc.)  in  the child. When the client sprays the essential oil in the room it creates calming aromas that promote sleep along with the child feeling that the monsters have been removed from the room. The child is able to sleep peacefully and parents can get uninterrupted sleep as well.

At Gypsy Moon Essential Oils, we sell only the highest quality products, which are always 100 percent therapeutic grade. We strive to invoke the most pleasant experiences possible using different aromas in our specialty blends, and we have everything you need to get started in aromatherapy. Whether you want essential oil refills or need a new oil diffuser, we can send health and wellness to your doorstep


“Initially I was skeptical of using essential oils for any healing property. In my opinion the oils had a good aroma but did not believe that the benefits went any further than that.  However as I was getting ready for a professional exam I was extremely anxious and I was recommended a  blend of essential oils called Stress Away.  I rolled my eyes and put it in my purse thinking that there was no way that oils could reduce my stress.  I was so anxious the day before the test that I would try anything to decrease it so I took out the oil and put it on some pressure points as I had been instructed and within ten minutes I could feel a decrease in my anxiety level.  I was shocked that the oils helped but I was thankful they did and I have since used the stress away.  I love it!”


“I get headaches here and there, usually lack of sleep.  I decided to go ahead and give this oil a try.  It had been a long time since I’ve had this type of sleep.  I woke up rested.  It was such a noticeable restful sleep; I couldn’t help but notice it.” J



Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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