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The Perfect Aromatherapy Blends for Your Home Or Business

At Gypsy Moon Essential Oils, we are passionate about using natural aromatherapy to treat a host of conditions before resorting too powerful synthetic medication. Whether you're interested in purchasing a room diffusor or one of our specialty blends, you can find our products at events around San Francisco, California. You can also order them online for nationwide shipping.

Aromatherapy Inhaler

These 2 Oz. glass spray bottles cost $18 and can contain any of our special essential oil blends, which are designed to treat various medical conditions. Our healing blends are also available in 10 ml roll-ons for $14. Using the aromatherapy inhaler is easy; just spray it on your hands, cup them over your mouth and nose, and inhale deeply so the scents can enter your bloodstream. Spray in the environment and breathe deeply.  Spray on a cotton ball or tissue and hold under nose and breath deeply.  Special blends include:

Soul Healer: To Promote healing effects of  Emotional Trauma, Anxiety, and Insomnia

Spray the Asshole Away: To promote healing effects of  Hormonal Imbalances, Moodiness, and Symptoms Of PMS

Rainbows and Unicorns: To promotes decreased Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Moodiness

Shit Kicker: To promote decreased Fatigue, Low Energy, and Poor Confidence

Double Whammy: to promote decrease in Anxiety and ADHD

Homework Ninja: Promotes increased Focus and Concetration

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Diffusor Blends

Our diffusor blends contain pure essential oils for use in room diffusors. They are available in 2-ml bottles for $14 and can treat a variety of conditions depending on the blend. You can even use them as air fresheners. These handcrafted diffusor blends can help relieve life's daily complications. Fun, seasonal scents are available, and we are currently developing additional scents for teachers.

Specialty Seasonal Blends

Our specialty seasonal blends can promote concentration, focus, and memory. They do not contain any distilled water and are composed of 100 percent therapeutic grade pure essential oils. Available in a variety of pleasant aromas, our specialty blends will promote feelings of well-being throughout your home, office, or studio. They are available in 2-ml bottles for $14.

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